Networked Production

Networked Production - Sistema de Producción Audiovisual de Nueva Generación



The Networked Production project is funded by the INNPACTO 2011 call (MICINN), and the development is done collaboratively between NRD (leader), IGLOR, Digital TV and i2CAT Foundation.

The project's goal is to revolutionize the television production model and the audiovisual content producers, through migration of the devices in the production chain to the IP world. IP production facilitates collaboration, content creation in a distributed manner and the exchange of audiovisual content in real time without having the need of using expensive satellite connections.

The results of this project are of particular interest to NRD and IGLOR that have detected the existence of a business opportunity in this segment. One of the products to be developed will allow the distribution over IP networks of video content in real-time and to multiple remote destinations, offering the possibility of include specific messages for each destination or customized chyrons. This distributed solution will have a contingency mode which will allow playing local content if a problem is detected in the IP connection.

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The development of this project is undertaken jointly with the Audiovisual Unit.


Technology and business objectives

  • Migrate from the production of audiovisual content to the IP world.
  • Establish infrastructure to facilitate distributed collaboration and networking in the field of audiovisual content production.
  • Expand the use of corporate networks to exchange content in real time without having to make investments in specific wiring and dedicated audio and video equipment.
  • Provide remote management systems that facilitate coordination and distributed production of content.
  • Promote cooperation between autonomies and even across countries, regardless of the distance between them.

Industrial objectives

  • Improve the competitiveness and productivity of businesses through new models of flexible and economic production, based on co-creation and content sharing in real time.
  • Introduce new IP audiovisual devices, establishing a bridge between the production infrastructure and the IP transport environments.
  • Incorporate the main functions of conducting and managing the production of live content.
  • Enter error detection mechanisms and adaptation strategies to increase the reliability of the network as a means of transport.

Scientific Objectives

  • Lay the groundwork for the development of IP products, to acquire the main functions of the audiovisual production line in real time.
  • Encourage the development of models of R & D + i to allow the migration of the current production means.
  • Develop use cases that show the benefits of using the Internet as a means of distribution and transportation.

Sales and marketing objectives

  • Develop technological products that facilitate the emergence of new technological models based on collaboration and co-creation of live content.
  • Reduce the cost of distributing live content.
  • Lower initial investment costs for production platforms for audiovisual content from the viewpoint of reuse infrastructure.
  • Increase the supply of content to the viewer by introducing the concept of simultaneous production.