Networking innovations Over Virtualized Infrastructures



The main objective of NOVI project is the research on the federation of virtualization infrastructures and, more concretely, of the data, control, monitoring and provisioning of resource planes. The models and methods developed in the project will be validated through de development of a prototype to federate infrastructures.

The research is focused on allowing the interoperability of existing platforms and on the application of tools needed to provide users with isolated logical partitions, composed of the resources of the federation. The results have been validated by deploying the first prototypes. It has also initiated collaboration with the BonFIRE project, which initially use the SFA layer for FEDERICA, developed by i2CAT and UPC.


NOVI's experimental research is driven by widely acknowledged Future Internet challenges. The main objectives are:

  • Integrating virtualization technologies at the network and computing levels with novel methods and algorithms.
  • Extending federation concepts at the data, control, monitoring and provisioning planes.
  • Empowering end-user with smart tools to discover virtualized resources and compose services by proposing a common definition language.

NOVI will perform research in areas pertaining to an open, multi-domain federated Future Internet environment. Federation of virtual infrastructures will open new areas for a blending of diverse ICT infrastructures, thus enriching services to be delivered to end-users. Both academic and industrial sectors will profit from NOVI's research that will enable reproducibility via virtualization -a highly desirable feature for many Future Internet research experiments-.



09/2010 to 03/2013
Projecte Europeu FP7