VRGo immersive virtual reality combines with positioning through visible light
Panorama Audiovisual
i2CAT demonstrates data transmission through light at MWC
GPS World
Indoor location, data see growth at MWC
Catalonia is the European reference in 5G research
El Món a RAC1: Digitally advanced technologies and 5G positioning
Barcelona and betevé, testbed for 5G technologies
Sunday Edition – Melting time in the net
El Mundo
The global supply chain reaches your home
La Vanguardia
SIL Innovation Zone will gather the latest novelties in logistics in cooperation with then i2CAT Foundation
El País
Barcelona positions itself as a 5G lab
El Mundo
The 5G network of the future is tested in Barcelona
La Vanguardia
i2CAT obtained 4.45 million revenue in 2016, a 22% increase
Terrícoles Betevé
Terrícoles: Sergi Figuerola, technical director at the i2CAT Foundation
El País
The Catalan government makes a quantum encoded Skype call
VR and AR storm IBC2017
Fulls dels enginyers
“In the near future, new applications and businesses determined by the IoT will appear”
El Mundo
The Internet: smaller and more controlled?
GrowSmarter. Implementation of Smart City solutions.
Panorama Audiovisual
5G will open a new frontier for audiovisual media
Dones en Xarxa
Rosa Paradell, speaker at Table 4: “Smart City”
El País
The 5G connected ambulance that saves lives
Could 5G save lives?
The 5G car parks at MWC 2019
La Vanguardia
Barcelona, the great laboratory for 5G technologies
El Mundo
Seat, Telefónica, Ficosa, Etra, i2Cat and Mobile World Capital test the connected car in Barcelona
El Mundo
A 5G ambulance to improve the health system
El Punt Avui
Cars already talking to bikes and traffic lights through 5G
The Catalan government and the Port of Barcelona join forces for the digitalization of the port
El confidencial
5G networks will improve cyclist safety
An interview to test Barcelona’s 5G network
Via Empresa
Barcelona hosts the first surgical intervention with 5G
La Vanguardia
Catalonia becomes the first European 5G open laboratory
TN Vespre TV3
TV3 features i2CAT’s Inclusive Supermarket at SCEWC 2019
TVE Catalunya
TVE Catalunya features i2CAT’s Inclusive Supermarket at SCEWC 2019
España Directo features i2CAT’s Inclusive Supermarket at SCEWC 2019
El Confidencial Digital
Is there a way to protect us from 5G?
324 / ACN
i2CAT’s Inclusive Supermarket at Smart City Expo World Congress 2019
Inclusive City Maker
Have You Ever Heard About Visible Light Positioning? Tomas Escuin’s from i2CAT Offers His Insights
Mollerussa demonstrates the benefits of IoT and drones for the agri-food business
Cadena SER
A Vivir: Technology that is going to change our lives
An interview to test the 5G network in Barcelona
El Periódico
Catalonia, a testbed for 5G
El Mundo
SMART CITY: A city with functional connectivity
Diario del Puerto
i2CAT merges the IoT and Blockchain to control temperatures in the cold chain with complete reliability
Sala de Premsa UPC
FEM-IoT, the new association to impulse the IoT sector
Ràdio Mòra d'Ebre
CoEbreLab: social innovation model
La Vanguardia
A volunteering platform among neighbours wins the “Hackovid”
Clúster de l'Energia Eficient de Catalunya
The civic Hackovid to deal with the confinement
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