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i2CAT is a mission-oriented research center on advanced digital technologies that applies its knowledge to meet real industry and society challenges.
It is endorsed by more than 15 years developing international and local R&D projects and initiatives.

i2CAT has leading position in the research and development of digital advanced technologies within the European R&D ecosystem

The European Commission has recognized i2CAT’s research quality over the years:

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Projects coordinated by i2CAT


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institution in Catalonia with more EU funding in the ICT thematic priority


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*As of April 2019

Immersive & Interactive Technologies

Researching on the crossroad of immersion and interaction.

Distributed Artificial Intelligence

Fostering the adoption of the Big Data-driven philosophy in the era of Artificial Intelligence.


The digitalisation era requires an intelligent Internet based on new architectures and services able to interconnect people, objects and environments in more efficient and dynamic ways.


The Blockchain and DLT department is dedicated to the elements that make up the blockchain: digital signatures, mobile apps (wallet), identity, traceability, security and platform management portals.

Smart Networks and Services

Leading position in the research and development of 5G technologies at local and International scale.

Mobile Wireless Internet

Innovating on radio protocols and infrastructure to wirelessly connect the billions of devices envisioned by the IoT.

Software Networks

Enabling secure 5G infrastructure management and services via open networking from the data-center to the edge.


Fostering the adoption and development of enabler technologies that integrate new communications capabilities in Earth Observation (EO) missions.

AI-Driven Systems

The AI-driven Systems research area focuses on the digital transformation of society (DX) driven by the interplay of networked systems and AI. 

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Recursive InterNetwork Architecture

Transforming networking to deliver future-proof technologies.