Blockchain & DLT

The DLT-Blockchain area of the i2CAT Foundation designs solutions for different sectors such as banking, health, supply chain, entertainment, sustainability, energy and cybersecurity. The i2CAT Foundationhas directed the Technical Office within the working group for the implementation of blockchain technology in Catalonia.

The Foundation has also carried out a variety of actions such as reports and technological scouting on blockchain, ecosystem and use cases applied to digital identity. i2CAT has collaborated in the ‘Rebooting the Web of Trust’ with a DID method recommendation for Bitcoin proof of concept, and it also sponsors and/or actively participates as a trainer, mentor and speaker in events such as the Blockchain Challenge or European Blockchain Convention, among other activities.

Collaboration in European projects is also one of the main activities at the department, which works on proposal that leverage blockchain technology for telecommunications networks security, management of connected vehicels, smart cities, or improvement in the process of changing an operator user telco to another in a fast, reliable and transparent way.


Sharing of health information between patients and medical research centers

Management of critical indicators for patients and donors in organ transplants 

Energy efficiency management to improve billing transparency, process agility and cost reduction thanks to the application of smart contracts  

Design of a virtual credit card for cryptocurrencies to faciltate purchases and exchange of external currencies

Information management for documents used as evidence in audits and contractual processes

Creation of smart contracts for the management of royalties on assets in the distribution of payments according to rights

Service for the traceability of the cold chain in demonstations at the SIL International Logistics Exhibition, in Barcelona

Traceability of the component chain in waste electrical and electronic sections from manufacturing to end of life or recycling