Space Comms

The Space Communications R&D Group aims to develop novel communications technologies.

These can be integrated in Earth Observation (EO) and Broadband Satellite missions. Additionally, the group is working to promote a competitive space ecosystem in Catalonia, with novel technologies making local public and private entities to compete with international initiatives.

The research activities conducted in the group are structured in four lines.

Research Lines

i2CAT evaluates the market and identifies potential public and private partners. The center provides innovation services to help partners to improve the state of the art of their technology and develop new services.

Additionally, i2CAT offers its broad expertise in partnering and leading projects funded by the public administration at national and European scales.


Contributions to NTN for IoT scenarios

Investigating technologies to deploy Non-Terrestrial Networks for IoT cases.

Activities Involved

Embedded core network

Mission Planning

System (MPS)

Delay Tolerant protocols for NTN

NTN Testbed


Software Defined Networks over Satellites

Investigating technologies to deploy SDN techniques for satellite systems in multilayered networks

Activities Involved

Embedded core network

Mission Planning System (MPS)

Delay Tolerant protocols for NTN

NTN Testbed


Satellite Network protocols and technologies

Investigating protocols and devices to interconnect satellites from different constellations

Activities Involved

Distributed Satellite System Simulator

Heterogeneous Inter-Satellite Link

AI-based Inter-Satellite Link


Quantum technology for satellite communications

Investigating Quantum-based protocols to enhance satellitecommunications

Activities Involved

Quantum Key Distribution for Satellite Communications

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