AI-Driven Systems

The AI-driven Systems research area focuses on the digital transformation of society (DX) driven by the interplay of networked systems and AI. Emerging technologies are explored leveraging on the ever-wider availability of disruptive solutions that are dramatically altering the way we live, work, and interact towards what is usually named the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Research Challenges

Multi-industry AI-driven (Networked) Systems Solutions

Industry-specific AI-driven (Networked) Systems Solutions

In contrast to previous mobile network generations, a key new aspect for the mobile industry moving forward is the need to expand the mobile ecosystem to incorporate industry verticals like automotive, manufacturing, smart-grids, and health. However, such AI-driven digital transformation needs to be cost-efficient to be able to deliver on the DX promises to multiple industries simultaneously in the next decades.

Some industries have extremely specific and stringent requirements that cannot be addressed by wide area systems efficiently. In such cases, industry-specific solutions are needed to enable the development of advanced AI-driven networked systems solutions not feasible otherwise.

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