IoT/ 5G -based NewSpace activities
10 - 12 MAY 2022
Ready to unleash new industry opportunities together?

Emerging technologies are disrupting the industry, and technological innovation is rapidly changing our world. 

i2CAT wants to share some of the center’s cross-sectoral activities and use cases enabled by IoT, 5G/ 6G technology, and Artificial Intelligence. Come see at booth 19, stand C321, pav. 4, and learn about our connected vehicle testbeds, our physic satellite mock-up, and some IoT NewSpace communications activities updates.

The Foundation is a constantly growing center with extensive experience in research and innovation projects in IoT and other game-changing technologies such as 5G/6G, New Space, VR and Immersive Technologies, Cybersecurity, Blockchain, AI, and Digital Social Innovation. Some of the fields it is applit¡ying this knowledge are intelligence, Mobility, Security, and NewSpace, among others.

i2CAT leverages this cutting-edge knowledge to tackle real challenges and improve the lives of citizens, the environment, and the productive sector.

Stop by, and let’s be more innovative, agile, collaborative, and game-changing. Let’s build the digital future together!

In the media

El Mobile World Congress 2021 termina con pocas novedades pero con propuestas AR/VR

01/07/2021 La celebración en Barcelona del Mobile World Congress 2021 llega a su fin en una edición protagonizada más por las ausencias de grandes compañías que por anuncios de nuevos dispositivos o tecnologías. EEl centro de investigación i2CAT ha presentado en el MWC 2021 estos días una tecnología que permitirá realizar conferencias usando hologramas y visores AR/VR. Este sistema se llama Holomit y usa vídeos volumétricos para proyectar en tiempo real a diferentes personas, con el objetivo de hacer evolucionar las videollamadas a holoconferencias.

NewSpace Strategy of Catalonia

The NewSpace ecosystem in Catalonia is an emerging, innovative sector with great potential for technological transformation in industries such as telecommunications and audiovisual.

The Fundació i2CAT, together with IEEC and ICGC, plays a leading role in the NewSpace Strategy led by the Government of Catalonia that aims to enhance the growth of the digital and space industry. These centers gather remarkable knowledge in space, digital and communication technologies, and geoinformation services which is key to the new space economy. They are working to boost competitiveness and enable innovative use cases that were not feasible before.

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