Cross-layer cognitive optimization tools & methods for the lifecycle support of dependable CPSoS

Started at: 01-01-2020
Ends on: 31-12-2022

Budget: € 4.999.987,50

Areas: 5G & IoT - Software Networks


Cyber-physical Systems of Systems (CPSoS) are large complex systems where physical elements interact with and are controlled by a large number of distributed and networked computing elements and human users. Their increasingly stringent demands on reduction of emissions, efficient use of resources, high service and product quality levels and, of course low cost and competitiveness on the world market introduce big challenges related to the design operation continuum of dependable connected CPSs.

CPSoSaware project aims at developing the models and software tools to allocate computational power/resources to the CPS end devices of the System by determining and generating autonomously what cyber-physical processes will be handled by a device’s heterogeneous component (processor cores, GPUs, FPGA fabric, software stacks).

The CPSoSaware solution will rely on Artificial Intelligence support in order to strengthen reliability, fault tolerance and security at system level but also will be able to lead to CPS designs that work in a decentralized way, collaboratively, in an equilibrium, by sharing tasks and data with minimal central intervention. Also, the CPSaware system will interact with the human users/operators through extended reality visual and touchable interfaces increasing situational awareness.

The CPSoSaware system will be evaluated:

  • In the automotive sector, in mixed traffic environments with semi autonomous connected vehicles proactively passing the dynamic driving task back to the human driver, whenever system limits are approached
  • In the manufacturing industry we consider inspection and repair scenarios using collaborative robots passing the control tasks to the operator, in critical situations. The impact of such a holistic and and innovative approach is huge and the foundations laid here are expected to result in a widespread adoption of CPSoS in a larger number technology sectors.

Estimated impact

By providing concepts for the next generation of CPS devices, the CPSoSaware project will open up new market slots in Europe. It is expected that the implementation and the success of the CPSoSaware platform will contribute to the development of European technical leadership in the CPS market because of the impact on a list of technologies such as “Model-based Development and Deployment of non-Deterministic CPS Applications”, “New Generation CPSoS Security and Trust Tools and Models”, “Model-Driven SW-HW Synthesized Systems with non-functional Constraints”, “Low Power and Inter/Intra CPS Communication Technologies” and “Software Development Environments for Industrial CPS Services”.


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 871738.