Multi-tenant management framework for future 5G neutral and private infrastructures


Neutroon is a brand new software developed by i2CAT to manage private and neutral 5G infrastructures. It is composed of Compute, Transport, and RAN segments from end to end. Neutroon aims at effectively lowering the entry barrier for telecom industry players (disruptors and incumbents) to operate private 5G infrastructures, and to empower neutral host operators to enhance the flexibility of current RAN sharing agreements towards the vision of providing 5G networks “as a Service”.

Neutroon has been demonstrated with various device vendors in the RAN, Transport, and Compute domains in three different and specific use cases:

  • Multi-tenant small cell and edge computing deployment in Barcelona to support on-demand vertical services.
  • Ad-hoc deployment of wireless networks in the Bristol stadium fan-zone.
  • Dynamic wireless Slicing to support emergency services.

This technology has an exclusive license agreement in the form of an i2CAT’s spin-off called also Neutroon, which will take this technology from TRL 7 to TRL 9 within the next months.