Plug and Play Satellite in 5G

Started at: 01-06-2017
Ends on: 30-11-2019

Budget: 335,700 €

Areas: 5G & IoT - Software Networks


Contributing to the 5GPPP use case “Broadband access everywhere”, SaT5G will foster the implementation of solutions enabling the “plug and play” integration of satcom components into 5G networks. To this aim, SaT5G will research, develop and validate the key technology enablers through demonstrations in live 5G testbeds. SaT5G impact is for the satellite industry to join the European initiative in the deployment of a competitive and ubiquitous 5G network globally. The overall SaT5G goal is to deliver a ubiquitous end user of at least 50Mbps 5G broadband service and optimise satcom within the 5G network infrastructure to provide services in the following verticals: Media & Entertainment, Transportation, Health, Logistics and Agriculture Industries in developed and emerging markets. Four SaT5G use cases have been carefully selected:

  1. Edge delivery & offload for multimedia content and NFV software to optimise the operation and dimensioning of the 5G network infrastructure
  2. 5G Fixed backhaul to provide 5G service especially in rural areas or emerging markets
  3. 5G Small Cell backhaul to provide 5G service with Small cells into buildings in rural areas of developed countries via hybrid broadband connections
  4. 5G Mobile backhaul to support 5G service on board vessels, aircrafts and trains.

Estimated impact

The project vision is to develop a cost effective “plug and play” satcom solution for 5G to enable telcos and network vendors to accelerate 5G deployment across all geographies and at the same time create new and growing market opportunities for satcom industry stakeholders. SaT5G will bring the following benefits for the 5G mobile industry;

  1. Profitable investment for mobile industry to deploy 5G backhaul to underserved areas
  2. Take up of 5G services in low ARPU markets much faster than previous generations
  3. 5G vertical markets seamless and accessible in rural and remote regions
  4. Rapid secure and resilient deployment for emergency scenarios
  5. Very rich multimedia video content, no longer a cost prohibitive for mobile operators
  6. Rapid “plug and play” new service creation potential in previously difficult geographies.


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 761413.