Computer Vision for Immersive Multi-platform Video

Coordinated by i2CAT

Started at: 01-04-2019
Ends on: 30-04-2023

Budget: 2.085.891,71 €

Areas: Virtual & Immersive Technologies


ViVIM is a collaborative project aimed at implementing an innovative media production and consumption system. This system will focus on a novel form of audiovisual narrative based on omnidirectional video. Furthermore, the project will develop production tools for immersive screens, support for omnidirectional cameras and coordinated access to content through head mounted displays, tablet devices and conventional TV. Finally, ViVIM will test the viability of this system by means of two demonstrators addressed to live and deferred broadcasting.

Estimated impact

  • A new cinema language integrating the specifications for immersive screens with conventional filmmaking techniques.
  • Extended production system enabling the creation of omnidirectional content for a multi-platform environment (tablets, HMDs and TV).
  • Enhanced quality of experience both for professionals and final users.
  • Positive influence on the ecosystem (content creators, distributors and consumers).