J. Fernandez Hidalgo, M. Catalan Cid, E. Jimeno, J. Escobar Soriano, E. Temprado Garriga, L. Goratti, A. Betzler, P. Sayyad Khodashenas
A 5G Framework for the Next Generation In-Flight Entertainment and Communications (NG-IFEC)

EUCNC 2018

Baldoni, G, Cruschelli, P, Paolino, M, Meixner, CC, Albanese, A, Papageorgiou, A, Khalili, H, Siddiqui, MS & Simeonidou, D
Edge Computing Enhancements in an NFV-based Ecosystem for 5G Neutral Hosts


M. Montagud, P. Orero, J. A. Núñez, A. Matamala, S. Fernández
Sign Language and Immersive Environments: Challenges, Solutions and Opportunities

WORLD 2018

D. Guija, M. Shuaib Siddiqui
Identity and Access Control for micro-services based 5G NFV platforms

5G-NS (ARES 2018)

J. A. Núñez, M. Montagud, I. Fraile, D. Gómez, S. Fernández
ImmersiaTV: an end-to-end toolset to enable customizable and immersive multi-screen TV experiences

Workshop day on Virtual Reality (ACM TVX 2018)

M. Montagud, J. A. Núñez, T. Karavellas, I. Jurado, S. Fernández
Convergence between TV and VR: Enabling Truly Immersive and Social Experiences

Workshop day on Virtual Reality (ACM TVX 2018)

A. Kostopoulos, I. P. Chochliouros, D. Munaretto, C. Meani, C. Keuker, E. Temprado Garriga, J. Fernandez Hidalgo, M. Catalan Cid, H. Khalife and F. Liberal
Use Cases for 5G Networks Using Small Cells

5G-PINE (AIAI 2018)

I. Neokosmidis, T. Rokkas, D. Xydias, A. Albanese, M. S. Siddiqui, C. Colman-Meixner, D. Simeonidou
Are 5G Networks, and the Neutral Host Model, the Solution to the Shrinking Telecom Market?

5G-PINE (AIAI 2018)

S. Rothe, M. Montagud, C. Mai, D. Buschek, H. Hussman
Social Viewing in Cinematic Virtual Reality: Challenges and Opportunities

ICIDS 2018

E. Meyerson, D. Guija, M. S. Siddiqui, I. Fraile, D. Gómez
Virtualized Dynamic Transcoding Service for Adaptive Streaming Video over HTTP in 5G Systems

SaCoNet 2018

G. Lyberopoulos, E. Theodoropoulou, I. Mesogiti, K. Filis, R. Canto Palacar, N.A. Serrano, D. Camps Mur
Network Services SLAs over 5G Infrastructure Converging Disaggregated Network and Compute Resources


J. Pérez-Romero, V. Riccobene, F. Schmidt, O. Sallent, E. Jimeno, J. Fernández, A. Flizikowski, I. Giannoulakis
Monitoring and Analytics for the Optimisation of Cloud Enabled Small Cells


C. Colman Meixner, P. Diogo, S. Siddiqui, A. Albanese, H. Khalili, A. Mavromatis, L. Vignaroli, A. Ullisses, J. Colom, R. Nejabati and D. Simeonido
5G City: A novel 5G-enabled architecture for ultra-high definition and immersive media on city infrastructure


M. Montagud, I. Fraile, J. A. Núñez, S. Fernández
ImAc: Enabling Immersive, Accessible and Personalized Media Experiences

ACM TVX 2018

I. Fraile, D. Gómez, J. A. Núñez, M. Montagud, S. Fernández
Personalized and Immersive Presentation of Video, Audio and Subtitles in 360º Environments: An Opera Use Case

ACM TVX 2018

D. Gómez, J. A. Núñez, I. Fraile, M. Montagud, S. Fernández
TiCMP: A lightweight and efficient Tiled Cubemap projection strategy for Immersive Videos in Web-based players


D. Gómez, J.A. Núñez, M. Montagud, S. Fernández
ImmersiaTV: Enabling Customizable and Immersive Multi-Screen TV Experiences

ACM MMSys 2018

M. Grandi, D. Camps-Mur, A. Betzler, J. Josep Aleixendri, M. Catalan-Cid
SWAM: SDN-based Wi-Fi Small Cells with Joint Access-Backhaul and Multi-Tenant Capabilities


B. Tiomela Jou, O. Vidal, J. Cahill, H. Khalili, P. Sayyad Khodashenas, M. Boutin, D. Kha Chau, S. Diaz Sendra, F. Arnal, J-M Houssin, K. Liolis.
Architecture Options for Satellite Integration into 5G Networks

EUCNC 2018

J. Fernandez Hidalgo, M. Catalan Cid, E. Jimeno, J. Escobar Soriano, E. Temprado Garriga, L. Goratti, A. Betzler, P. Sayyad Khodashenas
A framework to build up an energy-aware SDN controller for 5G EPON nodes

EUCNC 2018

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