Farhad Rezazadeh, Sarang Kahvazadeh, Mohammadreza Mosahebfard
Towards Quantum-Enabled 6G Slicing

6G Summit, Abu Dhabi, 2022

Joan A. Ruiz-de-Azua, Uriel López, José Ávila, David Rincón
Virtual Satellite Network Simulator (VSNeS) – A Simulation Engine to Virtualize Non-Terrestrial Networks

74th International Astronautical Congress (IAC), Baku, Azerbaijan, 2023

Oriol Fuste, Marcel Marin-de-Yzaguirre, Joan A. Ruiz-de-Azua
Implementation of a protocol stack with DTN protocols for IoT services deployed from Non-TerrestrialNetworks

74th International Astronautical Congress (IAC), Baku, Azerbaijan, 2023

Marcel Marin-de-Yzaguirre,Oriol Fuste, Joan A. Ruiz-de-Azua
Study to integrate Delay-Tolerant Network Protocols in IoT LEO constellations for Flood Prevention

74th International Astronautical Congress (IAC), Baku, Azerbaijan, 2023

Estel Ferrer, Joan A. Ruiz-de-Azua, Francesc Betorz, Josep Escrig
Inter-Satellite Link Prediction with supervised Learning based on Kepler andSGP4 orbits

25th International Conference of the Catalan Association for Artificial Intelligence (CCIA 2023)

Estel Ferrer, Josep Escrig, Joan A. Ruiz-de-Azua
Inter-Satellite Link Prediction for Non-Terrestrial Networks Using Supervised Learning

European Conference on Networks and Communications (EuCNC) & 6G Summit 2023

Sonu Preetam
An Approach for Intelligent Behaviour-Based Threat Modelling with Explanations

IEEE Conference on Network Function Virtualization and Software Defined Networks. 2023. Dresden (Germany).

Muhammad Asad, Maxime Compastié, Hatim Chergui and Adriana Fernández
6GENABLERS: A Holistic Approach to Establish Pervasive Trust in 6G Networks

IEEE International Workshop on Computer Aided Modeling and Design of Communication Links and Networks 2023. Edinburgh (Scotland).

Sergi Fernández
Addressing Scalability for Real-time Multiuser Holo-portation: Introducing and Assessing a Multipoint Control Unit (MCU) for Volumetric Video

ACM Multimedia 2023. Ottawa (Canada)

F. Vázquez-Gallego, Estela Carmona Cejudo, Jad Nasreddine and Yuri Murillo Mange
Cross-border 5G Seamless Connectivity for Connected and Automated Mobility: Challenges, Network Implementation, and Lessons Learnt

IEEE Future Networks World Forum 2023. Baltimore (USA)

Miguel Catalan-Cid, Adriana Fernández, Dani Camps, Shuaib Siddiqui
i2Slicer: Enabling Flexible and Automated Orchestration of 5G SA End-to-End Network Slices

IEEE Conference on Network Function Virtualization and Software Defined Networks 2023.Dresden (Germany).

T. Adame, J. Igual, M. Catalan
Fast Deployment of a UWB-Based IPS for Emergency Response Operations


J.A. Ruiz-de-Azua, J. Pagès. C. Labella, P. Delgado, M. Catalan, M. Medina, J. Paradells, P. Guixé, S. Figuerola, J.A. Jara, A. Lladés, J. Talaya, J. Corbera, M. Monton, J. Colomé, M. de Quadrans, I. Llorens, M. Guadalupi
Proof-of-concept of Direct-to-Satellite IoT for Earth Observation Applications: Soil Moisture Experiment


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RINA-Based Virtual Networking Solution for Distributed VNFs: Prototype and Benchmarking

EUCNC 2022

M. Catalán, J. Fernández, R. Vilalta, R. Muñoz, F. Moscatelli, L. Lossi, P. Alemany
5GCroCo Barcelona Trial Site Results: Orchestration KPIs Measurements and Evaluation

EUCNC 2022

S. Siddiqui, E. Coronado, J. S. Camargo
IWCMC Design of AI-based Resource Forecasting Methods for Network Slicing

International Wireless Communications & Mobile Computing Conference (IWCMC 2022)

X. Costa-Perez, J. A. Ayala-Romero, A. Garcia-Saavedra, G. Iosifidis
Bayesian Online Learning for Energy-Aware Resource Orchestration in Virtualized RANs

IEEE INFOCOM 2021 – IEEE Conference on Computer Communications, 2021