5G & IoT – RINA (Recursive InterNetwork Architecture)

RINA is an effort to simplify the network protocol stack, minimizing the network complexity and solving the fundamental issues of the “TCP/IP protocol suite”.

The RINA Area explores:

The potential of RINA-based technologies, documenting the benefits of its adoption in different networking environments: data-centre (DC), multi-access service providers, core networks and overlays.

Ways to educate potential stakeholders and engage key players in RINA research and development activities to mature the technology and its associated specifications, so that RINA can be deployed in production networks.

The contribution to standard bodies such as ETSI and the ISO. i2CAT is an active participant at ISO SC6 WG7 and ETSI ISG NGP, where the RINA specifications and RINA principles (respectively) are an important part of both groups work.

Research Challenges

RINA implementations

The research group works to develop programmable RINA implementations for experimentation and realisation of Proofs of Concept. Such implementations not only allow the practical verification of RINA’s theoretical benefits, but can also be the basis of future RINA-based products.









RINA overlays

RINA in the core

RINA for Distributed Mobility Management and Open Multi-Access Edge Computing

RINA as a transport solutions for IP and Ethernet flows and VPNs

RINA specifications and network design

To maintain and evolve core RINA specifications, maturing them to the level of enabling interoperable, production-grade implementations.

To design policies for a variety of network environments, to proof the flexibility of RINA and to demonstrate that its architectural principles can be applied to any type of network.


IRATI RINA implementations


Data Centres

Service provider nets

App-specific overlays

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