Shaping the 6G Vision

i2CAT’s vision, perspective and event on 6G

6G White Paper

The i2CAT's research perspective on 6G

The communications industry has set the ambitious goal to deliver 6G networks by 2030. 6G is expected to be a key enabling technology that will help realize the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) and the twin green and digital transition envisioned by the European Commission. To meet this ambitious goal, 6G research and development activities have already started.

As a research and innovation technology center focused on digital technologies, i2CAT is determined to contribute to building 6G.

Motivated by this context, in this White Paper, we introduce i2CAT’s view on the future 6G system and we highlight the key technical areas where i2CAT will focus its 6G R&D efforts in the upcoming years. We also describe a set of key R&D assets that will help us maximize the impact of our 6G research.

These assets take the form of capabilities, experimental tools, and facilities that i2CAT has developed over recent years through a very strong research, development, and innovation activity around 5G. 


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    European Ecosystem Event on 6G

    Let's build the 6G future together!

    European Ecosystem Event on 6G (ECO6G) is a great strategic networking opportunity for policy makers, business leaders and the research community.

    6G will merge the human, physical and digital worlds for a connected intelligence. For this first edition, key 5G and future 6G stakeholders will sit together to discuss about 6G from a European perspective, providing both the unified vision of Europe as a leading world region in 5G, and also giving voice to the individual initiatives put in place by the different member states.

    Join ECO6G for free and virtually on the 10th of February 2022!