Strategic initiatives

i2CAT fosters flagship projects and efforts to support ICT-based innovative strategies and policies implemented by public administrations.

The i2CAT Foundation works hand in hand with Public Administrations to promote and facilitate the digital transformation of society. The center aims at becoming the benchmark in digital innovation for Public Administrations and to contribute to the digital empowerment of citizens through digital social innovation and open and participative access to technological advancements.

i2CAT will continue working to strengthen its collaboration with Public Administrations and to play a fundamental role in the definition and deployment of digital public policies throughout the country to build the digital society of the future.

i2CAT's relevant initiatives

Participation in digital strategies of the Government of Catalonia

In 2019 and 2020, the Government of Catalonia has granted the i2CAT Foundation a key role in the definition of 4 digital strategies that will be essential for the digital transformation of our society and industry in the near future: the 5G, Blockchain,  Artificial Intelligence, and NewSpace Strategies of Catalonia.

The Blockchain Strategy of Catalonia

The Government of Catalonia has approved this strategy to promote the potential of the Catalan Blockchain ecosystem. To do so, i2CAT will play a relevant role in initiatives aiming at the promotion of research and innovation in Blockchain, as well as developing proof of concepts to validate use cases, involving the agents of the quadruple hèlix.

The 5G Strategy of Catalonia

With this strategy, the Government is promoting a program of actions to support the deployment of 5G in Catalonia around five central concepts: 5G Promotion, 5G Infrastructure, 5G Innovation, 5G Ecosystem, and 5G Talent. The i2CAT Foundation plays an important role in the definition, promotion, execution, and leadership of research and innovation initiatives that align with this strategy.

The Artificial Intelligence Strategy of Catalonia

Within this innovative plan, i2CAT will lead an Advanced Research and Innovation Programme in the field of AI and will work to foster mission-oriented research and innovation initiatives to resolve social or business issues related to AI in collaboration with other universities, research groups, institutes and public centers that carry out AI projects in Catalonia.

The NewSpace Strategy of Catalonia

The i2CAT Foundation plays a relevant role in the NewSpace Strategy of Catalonia, as the center participates in the management of the main operations, impacting directly into the strategy's lines of action. With the NewSpace Strategy, i2CAT gains a new dimension, new opportunities, and expands its knowledge. Boosting the NewSpace constitutes a priority for the Government of Catalonia, aiming to transform Catalonia into a hub of innovation, leadership, and talent and companies attraction of this growing sector.

Moving into the future with Innovation Offices

The Innovation Offices are alliances among the i2CAT Foundation and public organizations to promote innovation that impacts fields like digital administration, secure societies, digital culture, or climate action. i2CAT helps in the creation of an innovative ecosystem to generate and execute innovation projects within the quadruple helix.

CTTI Innovation Office

The i2CAT Foundation has established an Innovation Office in collaboration with CTTI, the public company that manages the digital services of the Government of Catalonia, aimed at organizing technological workshops and leading dynamization groups to promote innovation in the fields of AI, Blockchain, 5G, Data Analytics, IoT, and Robotics.

Cybersecurity Innovation Office

The Cybersecurity Agency Innovation Office, together with Catalonia’s Cybersecurity Agency, prormotes, revitalizes, and executes transformative activities with the Catalan ecosystem of cybersecurity research and innovation while working in line with larger organizations like the European Cyber Security Organization (ECSO).

Empowering citizens through Digital Social Innovation

The i2CAT Foundation believes in the power of innovation to improve the quality of life of all citizens in Catalonia, granting them fair access to the society of knowledge. We want to be the enablers that respond to the citizen’s needs for a real digital transformation and we think that an advanced network of Digital Citizenship Laboratories is the answer. A network that will open digital social research and innovation to citizens and territories.

At i2CAT, we work with Provincial Councils, County Councils, Associations of Municipalities, Town Councils, and the Punts TIC network that is distributed throughout Catalonia. These collaborations are key to bring innovation forward and achieve the digital society of the future for everyone. 



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