5G Awards recognize technological initiatives to improve the quality of life for the elderly


Two technological initiatives to improve quality of life for the elderly have received the 5G award, which pursues technological solutions for boosting the independence of senior citizens and mitigating cognitive shortcomings, difficulties with everyday activities and safety problems. 

The city’s aging population is an important social issue: according to the 2018 census, more than 90000 people over the age of 65 live alone in Barcelona. Because of this, the City Council jointly with MWC Barcelona and the initiative 5G Barcelona organizes an international challenge to promote new technological solutions for elderly people’s needs.

The winning projects were chosen among 49 projects for the way they strengthen the development of new services, overcome obstacles to access more personalized service and their affordability, as well as the fact they use real-time technology and the connectivity and low energy consumption of 5G. Both projects will get 100.000 euros to carry out pilot tests in Barcelona. 

The Award Gala, that takes place last January 15th in Barcelona, was attended by the Deputy Mayor, Laia Bonet, and the director of 5G Barcelona, Eduard Martín.

Misty II robot

Grup Saltó has developed the personal robot Misty II as part of the SOMCARE project, which aims to improve the healthcare of senior citizens while they enjoy autonomy at home.
Misty II interacts with the patients and provides support, monitoring and offers assistance about daily tasks such as medication, cleaning habits, etc. The robot can also provide videoconferencing with medical services. Misty II is equipped with a camera, microphone, sensors, two processors and Android operating system.

“Deleting Loneliness” project

Cisco, in collaboration with NAE, has created a personalized and usable tablet for the elderly, which enables people with health or mobility problems to take part in activities such as visiting a museum or being part of a reading club, as well as connecting with relatives or visiting the doctor.

The project takes advantage of the opportunities that bring the integration of 5G with other technologies offering a uniquely immersive experience.