i2CAT contributes to the acceleration of 5G Deployment and Connectivity in the Mediterranean Corridor within the 5GMED Project

  • The 5GMED project’s partners held a series of Demo Days in the cross-border section between Figueres and Perpignan, showcasing functionality use cases and cross-border challenges.
  • The i2CAT Foundation participates as the technical coordinator of this project, which aims at developing a Sustainable 5G deployment model for future mobility in the Mediterranean Cross-Border Corridor.
  • The outcomes of these Demo Days will be presented to the 5G community on November 8, 2023, with a webinar titled “Connectivity beyond limits in mobility cross-border scenarios with 5G.”

To demonstrate the progress of the 5GMED project, a series of Demo Days were held on October 25 and 26, 2023, in the cross-border section between Figueres and Perpignan, a vital part of the Trans-European Transport Network. This event was presided over by the European Commission and focused on showcasing the functionality of the four use cases, addressing cross-border challenges, and ensuring seamless services. Alongside the presence of Sergi Marcén, secretary of Telecommunications and Digital Transformation at the Generalitat of Catalonia, attendees witnessed comprehensive measurements of Key Performance Indicators, showcasing their correlation with network metrics and the impact of roaming. The event also included various network-specific experiments, offering insights into network performance in cross-border scenarios.

The European Commission has provided a positive evaluation of the project’s achievements made since February 2023, and with the last grand demo days scheduled for June 2024, the project is poised to reach the finish line, where its overall achievements will be thoroughly tested and proven.

5GMED Connectivity Beyond Limits
The 5GMED project, a cross-border initiative between France and Spain, is making significant strides in designing a joint 5G infrastructure for roads and railways in the Mediterranean corridor. This project, funded primarily by the European Commission through the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under the Grant Agreement No. 951947, with a total investment of 16 million euros is set to transform the future of connected and automated cross-border mobility.

The 5GMED’s primary objective is to create a robust cross-border connectivity framework that seamlessly connects future mobility services. To achieve this, the project focuses on four distinct use cases:

  1. Remote Driving: enabling autonomous vehicles to request remote assistance in complex traffic situations, ensuring passenger safety and traffic efficiency.
  2. Road Infrastructure Digitalization: employing intelligent strategies to manage traffic effectively on highways using vehicle information and roadside sensors.
  3. Enhanced Railway Communications: enhancing railway safety and connectivity with onboard sensor monitoring, high-quality Wi-Fi, and multi-tenant mobile services.
  4. Follow-Me Infotainment: providing high-quality media content, including live streaming, video-conferencing, and virtual reality to passengers travelling at high speeds by car or train.

Next touchpoint: Connectivity beyond limits in mobility cross-border scenarios with 5G
On November 8, 2023, at 11:00 AM CET, a webinar titled “Connectivity beyond limits in mobility cross-border scenarios with 5G” will present the ultimate project’s results and outcomes from the Demo Days to the 5G community. The webinar agenda includes an opening session presented by the European Commission, followed by a comprehensive project overview delivered by José Lopez Luque, the Project Coordinator, and an in-depth technical exposition by Francisco Vázquez, the Technical Manager. The event will also feature discussions on challenges and future trajectories, culminating in an interactive Q&A session.

Consortium Partners
The consortium coordinated by Cellnex Telecom comprises 21 partners from 7 countries, representing various sectors, including telecom (Vodafone, Hispasat, Retevisión, and Cellnex France); transport and mobility (Abertis Autopistas, SNCF, Linea Figueres Perpignan S.A., Anadolu Isuzu, Valeo); technology and solution providers (Axbryd, Nearby Computing, Atos, Athens Technology Center, COMSA Corporación, Terra3D); consulting services providers (Eight Bells); research institutions (i2CAT, CTTC, IRT-Saint Exupéry, Vedecom); and an outreach organization for mobile and digital transformation of society (Mobile World Capital Barcelona).

Take a look at a behind-the-scenes video that pulls back the veil on the incredible effort, dedication, and teamwork that powered our October 2023 Demos: