Business leaders meet data space experts to advance data economy to next level


The International Data Spaces Association (IDSA) is presenting the first Data Spaces Discovery Day in Spain. Spanish and international guests will meet at the Museum Fundació Joan Miró in Barcelona to discuss the business value of sovereign data sharing. The event will focus on latest data spaces trends, the future of data spaces in Spain and beyond, common challenges, solutions, and success stories.

“With the future of data sharing moving consistently in the direction of data spaces, there’s no better time than now to grow your data spaces competencies with global perspectives and local insights on the future of the data economy,” said Lars Nagel, CEO of IDSA. “The Data Spaces Discovery Day is an exciting opportunity for everyone who is interested to share and learn about the depth and breadth of International Data Spaces in action.”

The Data Spaces Discovery Day is organized by Spanish companies and organizations for the Spanish data sharing ecosystem. The event aims to bring together experts, executives and innovators from Spain, Europe and beyond to learn more about business cases for sovereign data sharing and the latest developments around data spaces.


Program for Data Spaces Discovery Day

09:00 – Check-in | registration

10:00 – Welcome by SEAT:CODE, NTT Data and T-Systems


The creation of data spaces

10:15 – Introduction to Data Spaces

10:30 – Keynote speech: Strategic vision presented by the Data Spaces Business Alliance | Data Spaces detected by the Data Space Radar

10:45 – Example of Data Spaces presented by SEAT | Volkswagen

11:00 – Example of Data Spaces by NTT | OMRON

11:15 – Gaia-X and the interaction of Data Space Support Centre with Data Space Business Alliance

11:45 – Exhibition journiey | 3-minute pitches of the data spaces achievements

12:30 – Lunch and networking


Generating value in industry and society through data spaces

14:00 – Fishbowl discussions

14:30 – Lecture: Industry overview, industrial, by one of the host partners

14:45 – Panel Discussion: The Business Value of Data Spaces

15:15 – Catena-X and its connection to the Spanish Automotive Industry

15:45 – BAIDATA: Synchronized round tables with special focus on mobility and the manufacturing, tourism and energy sectors

16:30 – Workshops| four parallel workshops


Sovereign data sharing – the way forward in Spain, Europe and globally

17:30 – Lecture: Policy Framework, by the Government of Spain

17:45 – Closing speech & next steps, events and projects

18:00 – Reception & networking