Catalonia Smart Drones and the IoT Catalan Alliance, both initiatives of the SmartCatalonia Strategy from the Ministry for Digital Policy, celebrated their Annual Day in January


The i2CAT Foundation is the technical office for both initiatives, which held sessions to commemorate the milestones achieved on 2020


The IoT Catalan Alliance celebrated on the 21st of January its Annual Day to take stock of the activity performed in 2020 and to introduce the activities for this year 2021. The new governance model of the Alliance, which will strengthen its activity and add synergies with other communities, was exposed.
The Alliance has focused on digitalizing its activity to continue offering valuable opportunities for its members, and at the same time, maintaining a strong relationship with companies and entities.

The director of Innovation and Business Development for the public sector on the i2CAT Foundation, Rosa Paradell, introduced the Digital Catalonia Alliance, a community that will gather different emergent digital alliances of Catalonia to generate new business opportunities, allowing the IoT Catalan Alliance to evolve towards a self-sustainable business model, establishing alliances with other communities like Catalonia Smart Drones and the Catalan Blockchain community.

On the 26th of January, Catalonia Smart Drones performed its seventh Annual Day to analyze 2020’s impact and present 2021’s goals. The session counted on the presentation of success cases from Catalan companies and the new opportunities arising from the NewSpace Catalan Strategy, among other interesting information. In 2020, Catalonia Smart Drones offered sectoral activities of dynamization, training courses to different departments of the public administration, and participation in congresses like the BNEW or informative sessions about European financing.


You can check on the i2CAT website both initiatives and the projects related.