The i2CAT Foundation collaborates in a joint call for long-term strategies to place R&D at the center


More than 40 scientific and innovative organizations signed a document to achieve a structural transformation of R&D’s economic model.

The main goal is to overcome the 2.5 % of R&D inversion by 2027. SOMMa, ASEICA y AseBio united to get a scientific transformation in the country, claiming for a sustainable and resilient recuperation of Spain focusing on an R&D strategy. Currently, Spain invests only 1,24 % of its GDP on R&D (when the EU average is 2,12%).

The document proposes administrative and legal changes and the implementation of strategic actions. It aims to transform science and innovation into the driving forces for economic recovery. This model would counterbalance dependence on sectors affected by the current Covid-19 pandemic. Crystallizing the great Spanish R&D potential would allow a solid recovery through a sustainable and competitive economic model.

The call, led by SOMMa, ASEICA y AseBio proposes 3 axes:

– Strengthen basic and translational science: investment must be increased and optimized, and there is the need to favor the stability of research projects promoted by public organizations.

– Strengthen innovation and transition to a sustainable and high value-added economy. Public-private cooperation and a business fabric will be enhanced.

– Increment of the synergies between the academic and corporate sectors. Boost the transformation of knowledge of universities and research institutes into innovative solutions and create new technology-based companies. Science has to be a referent for citizens, the business fabric, and political action.

The i2CAT Foundation, with R&D at its core, has signed the document to claim for a Government’s Pact to get long-term strategies directed to promote science and innovation. The document aims to add and provide strategic solutions to the new Science and Innovation Pact just announced by the Government. Now it is the time to put R&D at the center of the future strategy for a sustainable and resilient recovery in Spain.