i2CAT participates in the European project 5G-VICTORI



  • 5G-VICTORI, funded by the EU program Horizon 2020, will conduct large scale trials of 5G technology in the fields of Transportation, Energy, Media and Factories of the Future
  • The i2CAT Foundation is one of the expert partners that will take part in the transportation technologies use cases




Last July, the H2020 project 5G-VICTORI was launched in Berlin. 25 partners from eight countries, including research institutes like i2CAT, industrial companies and universities, gathered in the German capital to start working on the large scale trials that will be at the core of the project, which aims at demonstrating and verifying 5G deployments in the fields of Transportation, Energy, Media and Factories of the Future.

The Kick-Off Meeting triggered discussions related to the definition of the use cases, the associated requirements, and the proposed field trials, which will take place during 3 years in Berlin (GER), at several sites in France, Romania, Patras (GR) and Bristol (GB).

5G mobile networks are taking shape and will soon be available to everyone. In 2020, the commercial roll out of this new technology will start. It will enable high-speed connectivity from everywhere, the connection of large numbers of small sensors, the control of production lines in large factories and will offer support to autonomous driving, among other benefits. But the development of 5G solutions for industrial applications in Europe requires the execution of 5G trials, able to fulfill the needs of specific sectors.

5G-VICTORI will establish proof infrastructures that are capable of accommodating the execution of concurrent industrial use cases.