Innovation Business Development

Innovation to drive ICT research towards market and society needs

Smart Cities & Citizens

From the Smart Cities & Regions Unit we help local and regional governments to define and implement Smart City strategies based on i2CAT’s know-how to guarantee a high quality of life for citizens as well as a sustainable future for the planet.

The latest technological advances on IoT, Big Data or connected and autonomous cars are the basis for a smarter mobility, energy and public services, as well as for the empowerment of citizens.

Health & Social Care

Internet is helping users play a more active role in their own health and social environment. At i2CAT, we work not only to provide technology to the professional side of the health and social care fields, but also to empower the citizen by intensifying technology use on their own behalf.

We help citizens by creating sustainable communication channels with professionals, and assist professionals by rethinking assistance towards proactivity through the capabilities that technology offers (Big Data & Analytics, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Blockchain, Fog Computing & Internet of Things and Event Driven Architectures).

Industry 4.0

i2CAT’s Industry 4.0 Innovation Business Unit aims at collaborating with companies in the development and deployment of digital technologies in order to collect, integrate and analyze data about operational processes.

The digitization of products is also essential. Adding smart sensors and data analytics tools to generate data on product use and refine products is key to meet the increasing needs of end-customers.

The Industry 4.0 IBU also helps in the expansion of companies offering by providing disruptive digital solutions like data-driven services and integrated platform solutions.

Living Labs & Digital Social Innovation

The Living Labs & Digital Social Innovation (DSI) area is in charge of i2CAT’s definition of the Quadruple Helix model and strategy, promoting the Living Lab approach across the R&D areas of the organization, as well as designing, testing and evaluating new living labs in Catalonia.

The area is generating its own research projects around the vision of co-laboratories as universal innovation ecosystems, based in networks of open research and open innovation labs.

CDTI-Cervera R&D transfer projects

Cervera R&D Transfer Projects is a financing line, granted by the CDTI, aimed at research and business development projects of an applied nature for the creation or significant improvement of a production process, product or service.

The essential characteristic of the call is that companies must collaborate with Technological Centers to perform certain activities in the project.

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