NEUTROON is the first i2CAT spin-off in the 5G field


The main NEUTROON’s value proposal consists of accelerating the deployment of 5G networks worldwide, in industrial and shared mobile networks, including dense urban areas and rural areas

As a result of internal analysis and to enhance the value of i2CAT’s technology for the management of multi-tenant networks and services with SLA guarantees for 5G network operators, it has been considered that the creation of the NEUTROON spin-off is the best way to turn the technology into a market product, and thus maximize the social and economic impact of the developments achieved in various research projects.

5G is changing the way roles of telecommunications organizations are understood, and new companies and new roles that would have not been possible until now, are emerging in the present value chain. Regarding rural zones, this is especially relevant to avoid the digital fracture that 5G threatens to increase even further.

The platform has been already tested in real scenarios of different projects funded by the EU. The idea is to test the NEUTROON technology from a business point of view. Due to NEUTROON being the first i2CAT’s 5G spin-off and the first 5G Catalan start-up, is predicted to be a revolution that will improve the center’s visibility and reputation as an expert 5G center.


The i2CAT’s team involved in NEUTROON is formed by: Miguel Catalán, Joan Josep Aleixendri, Ferran Cañellas, August Betzler, Daniel Camps, Shuaib Siddiqui, Adriana Fernández, Eduard Grasa, Adrià Sánchez, Antonio Ruiz, Belén Pousa, Alfonso Egio, Julio Barrera, Joan Manel Martín, Josep Paradells, Sergi Figuerola, Rocío Segura, Flaminio Minerva, Tomás Escuín