Boost 4.0

Joining forces towards an European Data Space

Started at: 01-01-2018
Ends on: 31-12-2020

Budget: 18,843,440 €

Areas: Industry 4.0 + Open Big Data


The overall objective of the project is to lead the construction of the European Industrial Data Space to improve the competitiveness of Industry 4.0 and will guide the European manufacturing industry in the introduction of Big Data in the factory across all phases of product and process lifecycle. To do so it will build an open, certifiable and highly standardised and transformative shared data-driven Factory 4.0 model through 10 lighthouse factories.

Estimated Impact

BOOST 4.0 focuses the impact on data source integration and development of digital twin processes across the value chain (digital engineering & manufacturing. Thus provide the industrial sector with the necessary tools to obtain the maximum benefit of Big Data. The outcomes of BOOST 4.0 will have an impact on open communities such as FIWARE, IDS, OpenFog, HyperLedger and BDE in terms of making available open source implementations of key standards and APIs that will lower the barrier for adoption.

At operations level it will demonstrate an increase of productivity in main target sector of the Large Scale Pilot Action by at least 20%, increase of market share of Big Data technology providers of at least 25% if implemented commercially within the main target sector, double the use of Big Data technology in the main target sector andveraging additional target sector investments, equal to at least the EC investment.


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No 780732.