Impulse of Digital and Mobile Transformation

Started at: 01-01-2015
Ends on: 31-12-2021

Areas: Technology Transfer


Through the Government Agreement dated July 22, 2003, the Government of Catalonia authorized the constitution of the i2CAT Foundation with the purpose of developing ICT technologies and advanced Internet technologies and with a clear vocation to generate knowledge to be transferred as new products and innovative services that impact and bring differential value to the Catalan companies and society.

i2CAT’s strategic R&D activities are based on its quadruple helix and technological research model, where innovation is intimately related to the demand of users (companies, public administration, citizens, etc.) and its research is grounded on the generation of knowledge acquired mainly from participation in European and international projects.

One of the strategic objectives of i2CAT is to increase the impact generated by research and innovation activities in the society as a whole, in line with the vision and priorities defined by the new research framework programs, both at a European level (Horizon 2020) and at a national level (RIS3CAT), in order to transform scientific advances into value for society and companies.

Estimated Impact

Based on these principles, a project has been defined which aims mainly at:

– Increasing and consolidating the ICT sector in Catalonia. Carrying out initiatives that contribute to boosting the Catalan ICT sector and the advancement of the digital economy by developing specific ICT solutions adapted to the needs of different productive sectors. Deploying experimental infrastructures at the service of technology companies that allow Catalonia to become a digital hub in advanced digital technologies and especially in the Mobile sector.

– Improving the efficiency and competitiveness of productive sectors through digital transformation. Improving the ICT knowledge of Catalan companies through awareness and follow-up of their implementation projects. Connecting companies belonging to traditional sectors with ICT companies in order to create synergies and promote digital and mobile transformations. Providing experimental digital innovation environments to accelerate the adoption processes of advanced digital technologies.

– Increasing the impact of research and innovation on citizens’ quality of life. Developing strategic solutions and services aimed at solving social needs and challenges, achieving an active participation of citizens.

To achieve these goals, the execution of the project ‘Boost of Digital and Mobile Transformation’ will be structured through 4 different actions:

1) 5G Barcelona

Activities aimed at transforming the metropolitan area of Barcelona into a 5G reference innovation hub, with an experimental and open infrastructure available at the city level that will accelerate pilot tests based on applications and use cases in sectors such as mobility, connected/autonomous vehicle, the entertainment industry, health or industry 4.0.

2) Program to boost the ICT sector

Sectorial revitalization of emerging technologies. Activities aimed at providing a space for ICT supply to meet demand in Catalonia, in order to promote new uses of ICT in companies, as well as fostering research and innovation in advanced digital technologies in fields such as 5G, IoT, Drones, BigData, Blockchain and Cibersecurity.

Entrepreneurship and ICT innovation. Promotion of initiatives to support the development of new technology companies and the acceleration of digital technologies to bring them to the market.

Deployment of strategic projects. Development of technological platforms for the Administration that also apply to the business sector (dual-use) and foster innovation in strategic technological areas through the model of the quadruple helix.

3) Digital Transformation Program

Activities aimed at boosting the uses of advanced digital technologies in the business sector as catalysts for improving productivity and generating new business models in strategic fields such as Smart Cities, Industry 4.0 or Health and Wellbeing.

4) Digital Social Innovation Program

Digital Social Innovation laboratories. Creation of local innovation environments that allow cities to become urban laboratories, establishing a direct link with the citizens and fostering quadruple helix innovation models with the participation of the administration, companies, research centers and the civil society .

This project is 50% financed by the European Regional Development Fund in the framework of the ERDF 2014-2020 Operational Program for Catalonia under the operation code GO10-010783.