Indoor Positioning for plastic injection molds

Areas: 5G & IOT - Mobile Wireless Internet


Solution for identification and localization in real time of all plastic injection moulds located in a manufacturing plant. Plastic molds are tagged with passive RFID devices, resistent to high temperatures and metal interference. A UWB active location tag together with a RFID reader is installed in the crane bridge, hence tracking mould location everytime they are lifted by the crane.

This solution combines a unique integration of RFID and UWB technologies together with a innovative approach of metal-proof passive location tags.

Estimated impact

This provides warehouse monitoring and control in real time, granting full traceability of products and assets. Great improvements in mobile asset efficiency such as route optimisation and maximising uptime are among the most valuable impacts to manufacturing companies.

Any type of product or asset bigger than 40cm can be easily tracked with this system. That includes any pallet, container, cutting die, etc. and assets like forklifts, cranes, tow trucks, even handheld mobile devices.

With this solution, Continental achieve a higher level of control about where each mould is located, providing valuable information for mould lifecylce and warehouse management.

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