A platform that allows the citizen the assignment and control of medical data to research projects in the field of health


Platform components:

  • Backend of the project’s procurer entity: carrying out the onboarding process and verification of agents participating in the platform (citizens and R&I centers).
  • Frontend for R&I centers: management and creation of data transfer campaigns, providing the number of participants and indicators of data quality. 
  • Citizen’s mobile (wallet): management and accreditation of the citizen and medical data (securely, anonymously, and privately)
  • Smart Contracts: manage the authorization and consent of users on the platform, control of access requests, and data consulting. 
  • Distributed storage system: use of IPFS as a data storage and sharing system.

Estimated impact

The platform guarantees the identity of users through a KYC process. When the user’s identity is verified, the management of the identity is made securely, automatized, and anonymous with Smart Contracts. 

Using the wallet, the user manages digital identity (PK and SK).

The platform allows data collection to research centers, notifying the users, and offering anonymous and private of the participants and shared data.

The information is shared in a decentralized way. The shared data is subject to a two-stage encryption process, and only the authorized users can decrypt it.

Smart Contracts provides a mechanism to manage membership in the community without having to reveal identities, managing the consent to access data, assign and/or revoke permissions. The user cannot be identified.

Smart Contracts provides a mechanism for automatically, securely,  and transparently managing membership in the community without having to reveal identity. Allows you to manage your consent to access data, to assign and/or revoke permissions.