DASH Optimization Engine for Wireless Networks

Technical challenge

Videoconferencing systems are booming due to the pandemic and urgency and the rise of teleworking. At i2CAT, we realized the potential of videoconferencing some years ago and implemented an approach to peer-to-peer (P2P) videoconference which provides high scalability, called WebRTCAT.

Although there are many videoconferencing services using P2P architectures like Skype or WhatsApp, we propose an on-premises approach to ensure privacy policies for specific industries like Health, Insurance or Banking.

We started from the AppRTC, Google’s demo of the WebRTC possibilities, to adapt it to specific use case requirements, for example, changing from “rooms” to direct calls. Since this demo is a very simple application, we needed to develop some other components to enable a simple but effective end-to-end solution. We included features like the signalling system or NAT translation.


Technical solution

WebRTCAT consists of a modification of the AppRTC, a custom signalling system, a STUN/TURN server implementation and mobile clients for Android and iOS.

Our solution is:

  • Easily integrable: documented web, Android and iOS libraries are offered to be integrated in respective clients and a backend to deploy the service
  • Independent of 3rd party services, except for mobile app notifications (i.e. Firebase Cloud Messaging).
  • Scalable: it uses p2p videoconferencing, allowing many concurrent participants.

i2CAT has implemented improvements of this basic technology in applications for public and private organizations that are providing service to thousands of users.



Corporate videoconferencing service in industries that have GDPR issues and need to rely on on-premises servers.

Embedded video call in applications for customer support, relationship management or remote services. 


Technology transfer opportunities

This technology is released publicly under an open source licence in our corporate git repository to help the development community build new applications. 

For more information, please, contact [email protected].