Sustainable 5G deployment model for Future mobility in the Mediterranean Cross-Border Corridor


5GMed will demonstrate advanced Cooperative Connected and Automated Mobility (CCAM) and Future Railway Mobile Communications System services (FRMCS) along the “Figueres – Perpignan” cross-border corridor between Spain and France.

Enabled by a multi-stakeholder compute and network infrastructure deployed by MNOs, neutral hosts, and road and rail operators, based on 5G and offering support for AI functions.

The consortium coordinated by Cellnex Telecom includes 21 partners from 7 countries:

  • Telecom Sector
  • Transport and Mobility Sector
  • Solution providers
  • Consulting services providers
  • Research institutions
  • Outreach boosting organization


  • Cross-operator service orchestration
  • Innovations in multi-connectivity supporting high-speed vehicles and trains
  • Self-sustainable 5G access network infrastructure that can be deployed when power and backhauling resources are scarce
  • Enhancements to speed up roaming transitions across MNOs and neutral hosts
  • Novel high-speed access network architectures for railways
  • The ability to support AI-enabled functions executing at the edge of the network

Estimated impact

4 different Use Cases will be implemented during the project:

  • Use Case 1: Remote Driving
  • Use Case 2: Road infrastructure digitalisation for intelligent management of the connected and automated vehicle’s mobility
  • Use Case 3: FRMCS applications and business service continuity
  • Use Case 4: Follow-ME Infotainment

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