New 360º multi-screen experiences

Coordinated by i2CAT

Started at: 01-01-2016
Ends on: 30-06-2018

Budget: 3,8M

Areas: Media Internet


Nowadays, broadcast content is consumed both through the traditional TV set and second (and third) screens. To integrate immersive displays in this context it is required a novel Content Format Ideation. This project uses omnidirectional video enriched with novel techniques of audiovisual production to deliver a novel form of broadcast content that matches the demands of immersive displays, and can be shared with tablet and traditional TV consumers.

Estimated impact

  • Create a new cinematographic language where the specificities of immersive displays are taken into account, and which conciliates immersive paradigms with traditional storytelling techniques.
  • Extend the production pipeline to create omnidirectional content for a multi-platform environment.
  • Re-design the distribution chain to address the specific technical challenges that omnidirectional content imposes in terms of capture, compression, distribution, reception, and rendering.
  • Maximize the quality of the end-user experience, across devices, and within the technical limitations of existing production structures, distribution facilities and reception devices to create an optimal immersive experience.
  • Maximize the impact of the ImmersiaTV solutions within the ecosystem of content creators, broadcasters, and consumers.



This project has been funded by the European Commission as part of the H2020 program, under the grant agreement No 688619.