The feeling of being there together and the photorealistic quality of the content

Coordinated by i2CAT

Started at: 01-10-2017
Ends on: 31-10-2020

Budget: 3,9M

Areas: Media Internet


The VRTogether project aims to offer groundbreaking social Virtual Reality (VR) experiences among users located in remote domestic scenarios, based on photo-realistic immersive content, in a cost-effective manner. VRTogether’s consortium has been strategically set up to cover all stages of the production chain in a well-balanced way: a combination of leading research institutions (i2CAT, TNO, CWI, CERTH, Artanim) together with stakeholders (Entropy, Motion Spell, Viaccess-Orca) spread over 5 European countries.

Estimated impact

  • Develop and integrate new media formats to deliver high quality photorealistic content and create a strong feeling of co-presence in a coherently integrated experience.
  • Re-design the distribution chain so such innovative content format can be orchestrated and delivered in a scalable manner.
  • Develop appropriate Quality of Experience (QoE) metrics and evaluation methods to quantify the quality of these new social VR experiences.
  • Maximize the impact that VRTogether can have on content creators, producers, distributors, tooling companies, service providers and the general audience.



This project has been funded by the European Commission as part of the H2020 program, under the grant agreement 762111.