Network Sensoring and Inspection

Started at: 01-03-2018
Ends on: 01-03-2021

Budget: 2.491.765,52€


SENIX aims at transforming the networks and infrastructures associated to the utilities sector through the deployment and adaptation of Industry 4.0 concepts, working towards a Utilities 4.0 scenario.

The project will research new technologies to promote the digitalization, sensoring and monitoring of service provider’s networks with the objective of optimizing operations in terms of efficiency and costs (maintenance, investment and renewal costs). The project will also develop pilot tests based on specific use cases related to the utilities sector.

Estimated impact

Innovation and knowledge, sustainable growth and internationalization:

  • Creation of spin-off companies
  • Registration of patents and brands
  • Job creation
  • Creation of pilot tests, demonstrators or prototypes
  • Innovation related to the circular economy
  • Work within the H2020 strategy and projects
  • New international business opportunities

Market impact and creation of new products and services on:

  • Water and gas leaking detection through infrared cameras
  • Critical location inspection
  • Predictive maintenance through sound cameras
  • Infrastructure locating, traceability and signage
  • Biofilm detection in water channels through sensors
  • Application harvesting for diverse distribution networks and assets
  • Advanced image processing for network inspection

This project has been financed by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund, ERDF, with the support of ACCIÓ – Government of Catalonia.

This project has been co-funded by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund, ERDF, with the support of ACCIÓ - Generalitat de Catalunya.

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