IoT Catalan Alliance

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The Catalan IoT Community

IoT Catalan Alliance is an initiative of the SmartCatalonia strategy of the Generalitat de Catalunya. It brings all the players in the IoT Catalan ecosystem together to raise awareness of the potential we have as a country and to foster collaboration and new projects within this area. The Alliance includes companies, research centers, universities that develop and implement solutions based on the Internet of Things.

Currently, the Alliance has 105 members and continues to work with them to establish in new sectors of activity. So far, the group has worked to invigorate the Health, Logistics and Sustainability sectors, and in 2019 it will concentrate its efforts in the Utilities and Agri-Food sectors.

The IoT Catalan Alliance is an active and collaborative community that is the reference space for IoT users. It promotes and facilitates innovations and the adoption of IoT solutions in traditional industries and services.

Some of the activities promoted from the Alliance are:

  • Participation in brokerage, match-making and investor events with industry stakeholders to promote business.
  • Support and information to facilitate participation in European open calls and the creation of consortiums.
  • Access to specialized reports on state-of-the-art innovative technologies like 5G, Blockchain or Cybersecurity.
  • Mentorship Program 4StartUps to promote mentoring services from members to entrepreneurs and/or recently created start-ups.

Estimated impact

The objectives of the Alliance are:

  • Identify the companies and organizations that are part of the Catalan IoT ecosystem.
  • Explore their needs and abilities.
  • Foster information exchange and generate synergies among members.
  • Offer visibility and business opportunities to all the agents in the value chain.
  • Represent the IoT sector in meetings with the public administration or standards organizations.


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