SmartCatalonia Challenge

An open innovation competition to solve technological challenges

Areas: Smart Cities & Regions


SmartCatalonia Challenge is an initiative of the SmartCatalonia strategy by the Generalitat de Catalunya which promotes innovation among companies and entrepreneurs by creating technological solutions to diverse challenges.

The competition has connected the problems of cities around Catalonia with proposals by innovators for 3 editions. These solutions have a focus on improving quality of life for the citizens and offering real answers to urban questions.

In the 2019 edition, the challenges will be posed by Port de Barcelona.

SmartCatalonia Challenge has 5 specific stages:

  1. Challenge identification
  2. Presentation of the competition and introduction of the challenges
  3. 3 month period to gather proposals
  4. Selection of the top 10 proposals
  5. Awards Ceremony

Estimated impact

The objectives of SmartCatalonia Challenge are:

  • Involve ICT entrepreneurs and SMEs in a challenge to solve the problems of Catalan municipalities and other organizations
  • Enrich the Catalan smart ecosystem
  • Promote innovation among SMEs and entrepreneurs


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