Laboratori SmartCatalonia

A network of urban labs to transform Catalonia into a smart region

Areas: Smart Cities & Regions


Laboratori SmartCatalonia is an initiative of the SmartCatalonia strategy by the Generalitat de Catalunya which brings together towns, cities and municipalities that offer their public spaces to launch pilot tests of innovative solutions in real environments. These solutions aim at solving technological challenges faced by cities, independently of their size or main economic activity.

The network created by Laboratori SmartCatalonia includes 44 cities, 8 provincial governments, 47 private companies and 2 civil organitzations. 18 projects that have already been carried out and new tests are in process around Catalonia.

In 2018, for instance, the success of the pilot project BusUp, which facilitates mobility for workers to and from remote industrial areas through shared routes, contributed to its implementation in seven additional Catalan cities.

Estimated impact

The objectives of Laboratori SmartCatalonia are double, as the project boosts the technological sector by granting access to public equipment and infrastructures and, on the other hand, it strengthens open innovation thanks to the participation in pilot tests.

Laboratori SmartCatalonia expects the products tested to have a direct implication in the management of the city or the services that local governments offer. The projects should address the needs of citizens and cities alike.


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