The Smart City Expo World Congress is back in Barcelona. The i2CAT Foundation will be there again to contribute its knowledge to the new urban era that will rethink cities to make them greener, more collaborative, ethical and focused on people’s needs.

In this edition, the Catalan research centre will explore the possibilities of communications between vehicles and urban infrastructure (V2X) and the analysis and prediction of traffic patterns to generate intelligent control strategies and guarantee connected, autonomous and coordinated mobility. Thanks to the expertise of i2CAT, industrial and digital companies will be able to make the leap towards the cities of the future paradigm.

On its 20th anniversary, the i2CAT Foundation reaffirms its position as one of the centres with the most knowledge on vehicular communications technologies.

i2CAT develops systems based on novel technologies in the field of mobility. Some examples of technologies that will be the stepping stone for innovative products are detecting, high-precision positioning and tracking vehicles with artificial vision, radio and satellite technologies, AI, security in inter-vehicular communications and intelligent traffic analysis.

i2CAT leverages 20 years generating knoledge in advanced digital technologies to facilitate innovative use cases and pilots.

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