Twenty-one cities around the world participate in the Sustainable City Cup


The third edition of the Tournament started on January 27th and will last until March 1st to know which one is the sustainable city worldwide. At the end of the Tournament, the best team and the most valuable sustainable mobility “athletes” will be rewarded with prizes and discounts offered by sponsors, such as the possibility to assist at the Rome Maker Faire 2020 event.

Twenty-one cities around the world will compete in this edition of the Sustainable City Cup, all very different from each other and particularly interesting for mobility trends and systems. The last edition of the Tournament involved sixteen cities. The participants of each team run in 15 weeks around 30.000 kilometers by walking, cycling or using public transports. The Milan team won the competition. But the real victory was the impact produced by the 477 participants who changed their mobility habits, namely the saving of almost 7,2 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

MUV intends to improve urban mobility through an innovative approach that encourages citizens to move more sustainably with a fun game, enriches the relationship among the city, the local entrepreneurs and their customers through shared values, and facilitates, in the end, the development of new and more effective sustainable mobility policies.

The MUV app is a fundamental tool of this process and is the result of a long research and co-design phase conducted directly with local communities. The overall initiative acts in fact in full collaboration with local communities and cities involved: the data collected through the game are made available to the Municipalities and shared with citizens to enrich the public debate on urban mobility and allow administrators and policymakers to improve their planning processes and propose new and effective services able to improve the cities’ liveability.

The competition, at its third edition, is promoted in the context of “MUV – Mobility Urban Values”, a research project funded by the European Union under the Horizon 2020 program with the participation of the i2CAT Foundation. To participate, you just need to download the app “MUV“, that turns mobility into a sport, and register to the competition.