Design, implementation, evaluation and demonstration of 5G/6G testbeds for scientific experimentation of the metaverse and extended reality services

The project

6G-OpenVerso pursues the design, implementation, evaluation and demonstration of 5G/6G testbeds that will allow scientific experimentation of the next generation of the metaverse and future extended reality services in open 6G ecosystems.

Principal Investigator

August Betzler 5g IoT MWI

Dr. August Betzler

This subproject aims to provide extended reality (XR) technology enablers that contribute to an effective deployment of next-generation XR services, with a special focus on distributed 5G/6G scenarios, and providing satisfactory performance, quality and resource consumption indicators.

The objective of 6G-OPENVERSO-NET is to contribute to the vision of networks ready for extended reality (XR) by working on three technical enablers:

  1. Design of an XR edge node to download computing functions from XR devices to the network
  2. Bidirectional awareness design between the network and the XR service
  3. Application of sub-THz / THz technologies, including integrated communication and sensing, to support future XR services.




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