Design and prototype of 6G Enablers based on artificial intelligence, distributed ledger technologies, and cybersecurity.

The project

The main objective of 6GENABLERS is the design and prototype of 6G enablers based on artificial intelligence, distributed ledger technologies and cybersecurity.

Principal Investigator

Shuaib Siddiqui 5g IoT Software Networks

Dr. Shuaib Siddiqui

This subproject focuses on the development of prototypes of 5G/6G network architectures enabled by powerful AI algorithms, capable of providing network automation and optimization functions, as well as composing resources and services in 6G networks in a holistic manner. In addition, the project envisages the use of intelligent and high-precision telemetry services in 5G/6G networks.

This subproject aims to develop and implement an intelligent marketplace anchored in DLT (Distributed Ledger Technologies), capable of supporting multi-party collaboration as the backbone of dynamic 6G ecosystems. To this end, the use of DLTs and smart contracts will be studied as enabling technologies to guarantee trust and privacy together with the establishment of immutable and non-repudiable transactions, towards the consolidation of ubiquitous and multi-domain 6G deployments.

This subproject focuses on the exploration and definition of security methods and mechanisms that ensure the reliability, confidentiality, and privacy of users of an advanced 5G or 6G network, thus defining its qualities. To this end, the subproject conducts research oriented towards the study and definition of an advanced 5G or 6G network prototype where network privacy is guaranteed.




Senior 6G Research Engineer - Software Networks

The Software Networks team is currently looking a Senior 6G Research Engineer with proven experience in topics like 5G, 6G, SDN/NFV, Cloud/Edge to join our team.


    Jesús Alonso Zarate 📧

    Coordinador del programa

    Wilson Ramirez Almonte 📧

    Operational Programme Manager

    Flaminio Minerva 📧 Oficina de Contratación Pública José Miguel Sanjuan 📧 TBC