Vinton Cerf receives the 30th Premi Internacional Catalunya


Vinton Cerf, one of the fathers of the Internet, will receive the 30th Premi Internacional Catalunya today in recognition for his contribution to the development of the Internet as a crucial infrastructure for our society and a network open to the world.

Cerf is the vice-president of Google and was president of the organisation that authorised the .cat domain name. This is the first time that this prize has been won by a technologist. The members of the jury recognise the fact that he was the creator of the IP protocol, which underpins all internet communications, and that he has become an essential interlocutor in any public or private process that seeks to consider or act in the social, political and legal arenas of the internet.

The Generalitat of Catalonia created the Premi Internacional Catalunya in 1989, with three clear objectives: to recognize and stimulate excellence in creativity, to bring to the Catalan people models of the highest quality and exigency in all aspects of culture, and to establish a place for Catalonia in the arena of the great international awards. The Premi distinguishes those individuals who have made a decisive contribution with their creative work to furthering cultural, scientific and human values around the world. This year there were 109 candidates from 50 countries.