CARAMEL keeps forging ahead on AI-based cybersecurity next-generation mobility

  • The H2020 project has successfully passed its EC first review

  • CARAMEL, led by the i2CAT Foundation, is developing innovative anti-hacking intrusion detection/prevention systems for the European automotive industry

On 24th February, the H2020 project CARAMEL completed its first period with a virtual review meeting attended by Huber Schier (Project Officer), Mikko Johannes Särela (Reviewer), An Braeken (Reviewer), and all the partners of the consortium. The half-day meeting focused on presenting and discussing the progress of the project and the status of the activities conducted in the first period, including the deliverables submitted within the first 15 months of activity.

During the review meeting, the partners presented several technical video demonstrations providing an understanding of the activities performed and the progress achieved so far. In this first reporting period, remarkable efforts were made to develop the technical aspects of CARAMEL, achieving a satisfactory level of progress and quality according to the reviewers. In particular, the project management activities were considered key to the successful development of the project. However, it was suggested that particular attention should be given to the dissemination, communication, and exploitation of project results for the second period. Hence, the reviewers expect that the project will likely provide significant immediate or potential impact in the second half of the project.

Overall, the reviewers stated that CARAMEL was successfully developing, and thus highlighted the achievement of the objectives and milestones set for the first reporting period. A total of 15 deliverables and 7 milestones for the period were accepted. CARAMEL’s public deliverables are available on the project’s official website.

The meeting confirmed that the topic of CARAMEL is still very relevant and strategic for European competitiveness in the field of artificial intelligence-based cybersecurity for connected and autonomous vehicles. As CARAMEL moves towards the second period of the project assisted with the reviewers’ recommendations, the consortium looks forward to the next period to complete the project’s success story.