Distributed Artificial Intelligence

The Distributed Artificial Intelligence Area is focused on fostering the application of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence technologies to create intelligent connectivity services and solutions. Some of the most important aspects that the area tackles are:

5G networks



Internet media contents

Research Challenges

5G networks

Configuration, management and operation of 5G networks are becoming extremely difficult processes. Through the Machine Learning it can be obtained a set of outputs that will adjust the 5G network dynamically.

IoT Big Data

AI detects patterns from the IoT data and learns how to adjust the behavior of IoT services and to improve the quality of IoT datasets through Machine Learning techniques.

Securing the networks

By using different algorithms to parse and analyze data, Machine Learning empowers AI to detect patterns for the prevention of threats within the cybersecurity environment.





TPU (Tensor Processing Unit)

Predictive Analytics

Deep Learning

Machine Learning


Heterogeneous data integration

ETL processes

Central open data repository

Tailored and secure access to shared data resources

Data preparation

Synthetic sensors

Platform as a Service

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