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“Interplanetary Internet of Things: Protocols, Routing and Simulation”. Workshop by Juan Fraire

26 October 2023 - 9:00 // 12:30

This workshop delves into the Delay-Tolerant Networking (DTN) architecture and the Bundle Protocol (BP), highlighting their roles as the backbone for a store-carry-and-forward networking framework for the Space Internet. Further, we explore the ongoing trends within IETF of adapting the IP stack to space conditions, scrutinizing protocols like QUIC, HTTP, and Time-Variant Routing (TVR). Within this context, we introduce and employ DtnSim, a discrete-event, open-source simulator specifically designed to assess the efficacy of various routing protocols, including Spray-and-Wait, PRoPHET, RUCoP, and CGR. Finally, the workshop discusses integrating these technologies within a diverse interplanetary networking ecosystem. Emphasis is placed on the emergent need for groundbreaking cross-regional routing structures, a necessity for realizing the vision of a future Interplanetary Internet of Things.


Juan Fraire is a researcher and professor at INRIA (France) and CONICET-UNC (Argentina) and a guest professor at Saarland University (Germany). Core topics of his interest are near-Earth and deep-space networking and informatics, adding up to more than 80 published papers in international journals and leading conferences. Juan is the founder and chair of the Space-Terrestrial Internetworking Workshop (STINT) and participates in diverse joint projects with space agencies (e.g., NASA, ESA, CONAE) and companies in the space sector (e.g., D3TN, Skyloom).

This workshop is part of the 6GSatNet research project, framed within the UNICO R&D 6G programme, funded by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation and the European Union-NextGenerationEU within the framework of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan of the Government of Spain.


Workshop requirements: PC with Linux (Ubuntu) or Windows with WSL2.

On-site event.

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This workshop is co-funded by the Spanish Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation and the European Union – NextGeneration EU, in the framework of the Recovery Plan, Transformation and Resilience (PRTR) (Call UNICO I+D 5G 2021, ref. number TSI-063000-2021-5-6GSatNet-SS, TSI-063000-2021-8-6GSatNet-SeS, and TSI-063000-2021-1-6GSatNet-GS).

26 October 2023
26 October 2023
Fundació i2CAT
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