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The i2CAT Foundation is back at IoT Solutions World Congress to present the potential of its work in advanced digital technologies to help companies and organitzations innovate and look into the future.

The center applies its knowledge and experience in 5G, 6G, IoT, immersive and interactive technologies, AI, Space Communications, cybersecurity, blockchain, and digital social technologies to support Europe’s global competitiveness while ensuring a sustainable and inclusive future. From its work in connected transport to custom-made industry solutions that take IoT and 5G to their full potential, i2CAT continually seeks to expand its knowledge and pursue innovation to offer real solutions to businesses and administrations.

Featured initiatives in IoT Solutions

The RESPOND-A European project aims at developing holistic and easy-to-use solutions for First Responders by bringing together the complementary strengths of its investigators in 5G wireless communications, Augmented and Virtual Reality, autonomous robot and unmanned aerial vehicle coordination, intelligent wearable sensors and smart monitoring, geovisual analytics and immersive geospatial data analysis, passive and active localisation and tracking, and interactive multi-view 360o video streaming.

EN-Funded by the EU-POS
Interactive and immersive technologies to enable next-generation media experiences
Interactive and immersive technologies

The i2CAT Foundation will also be part of the collocated event Integrated Systems Europe, the world’s leading AV solutions exhibition happening right next to IoTSWC.

Hand in hand with Corporació Catalana de Mitjans Audiovisuals -CCMA-, i2CAT will present its its work on immersive tecnologies, like 360º 3D video, under the umbrella of the Catalan project ViViM, funded by ACCIÓ, the Catalan Government’s agency for business competitiveness.

Some of our projects
Side Events
31 GEN 2023
31 GEN 202315:00h
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Integrating 5G, WiFi and LiFi to enable novel Industry 4.0 use cases
The presentation will take place at the Ajuntament de Barcelona stand
31 GEN 2023
31 GEN 202316:00h
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Edge computing for a safer micromobility
The presentation will take place at the Ajuntament de Barcelona stand
1 FEB 202316:00h - 18:00h
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Annual meeting of the DCA-IoT. The meeting point of the community at the IOTSWC
The DCA-IoT, community of the Digital Catalonia Alliance (DCA) gathers its members at the annual meeting at the IOTSWC at Fira Barcelona Gran Via (pavilion 3, room CC3.13C).
1 -2 FEB 2023
1 -2 FEB 2023
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DCA at Barcelona Cybersecurity Congress 2023
DCA at Barcelona Cybersecurity Congress 2023 1st and 2nd February
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