Partner with the i2CAT Foundation and transform your business with Innotec!


Don’t leave any R&D project to gather dust!

The INNOTEC grant targets R&D projects involving at least a three years old company whose operations are established in Catalonia and at least one TECNIO-accredited Public Technology Developer – PTD (university groups or from the CSIC and CERCA centres). INNOTEC grants have a total budget of 1.5 million euros of which 150,000 euros will go to circular economy projects. The INNOTEC grant may be applied by companies established in Catalonia. The expenditure eligible for subsidizing a project must be between 50,000 and 200,000 euros. Their maximum duration is three years from the date of application.

The costs that can be subsidized with INNOTEC grants are:

  • Personnel:
    • Researchers, technicians and auxiliary staff
    • Staff involved in the project
  • External collaborators:
    • Contracting of Research and Development (only by the company)
    • Other consultancy and advisory expenses
  • Depreciation of project equipment and instruments

INNOTEC grants are awarded by competitive competition.

The i2CAT Foundation, under the TECNIO label, is an accredited provider for the program, an initiative of ACCIÓ –the Catalan Government Agency for Business Competitiveness.

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