5G Barcelona

The initiative to create a neutral and open city-wide lab for the validation of 5G technologies in a real-life environment


5GBarcelona is a public-private initiative working to transform the metropolitan area of Barcelona into an open city-wide lab for the validation and adoption of 5G technologies and applications in a real-life environment.

The initiative creates synergies within the ecosystem and offers an experimental infrastructure to test, prototype and implement new digital solutions in the city. 5GBarcelona wants to stimulate the existing innovation in Barcelona, help to attract foreign investment, boost tech start-ups and generate an entire industry around 5G technology.

The initiative is powered by the Regional Government of Catalonia, Barcelona City Hall, Mobile World Capital Barcelona, i2CAT Foundation, CTTC, Atos and UPC.

The services of 5G Barcelona span from:

  • Offering a laboratory and testbeds for the validation, demonstration and practical experimentation. Including availability of laboratories with real users
  • Making accessible a space where 5G Barcelona members can share experiences and knowledge. It includes a collaborative platform.
  • Identifying, executing and participating in projects aligned with strategic challenges
  • Giving training services to companies and professionals on 5G technology
  • Participating in the 5G calls at European, Spanish or Catalan level

Estimated impact

5G will not be just a new protocol on bandwidth; it will also bring unique service capabilities to all economic sectors. In this scenario, the 5G opportunity asks for large-scale technological validation and adoption in real environments.

The 5G Barcelona digital open hub will allow for:

  • Generating momentum around the 5G industry to facilitate rapid implementation
  • Enhancing the offer of innovative 5G applications and services
  • Improving that impact society and offer new opportunities for companies


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