The i2CAT Foundation demonstrates the potential of IoT, AI and Blockchain at IoTSWC 2019


The Catalan technological center will have 4 different spaces at the congress, including two live demonstrations and a booth at Blockchain Solutions World

The i2CAT Foundation will be at the IoT Solutions World Congress 2019 in Barcelona presenting its capabilities as a leader in the digital transformation of both industry and society and as an excellent technological partner for enterprise challenges. From October 29th to the 31st, the center will showcase how advanced digital technologies like UWB, IoT, AI, 5G or Blockchain will be paramount in designing a better and smarter future for all.

i2CAT will count on 4 spaces at the congress: 

  • A booth at the Government of Catalonia pavilion (Hall 2, Level 0, Street D, Booth 451)
  • A healthcare system at home demonstration based on the integration of AI, IoT and 5G at the Testbed Area of the congress (Hall 2, Level 0, TB6)
  • A Smart Factory demonstration that shows the potential of UWB and RFID (Hall 2, Level 0, Street E, Booth 557)
  • And a booth at the Blockchain Solutions World space (Hall 2, Level 0, Street D, Booth 481).

Bringing healthcare to the home thanks to AI, IoT & 5G


Independence and autonomy can be challenging as people grow older and daily tasks become harder. The introduction of technologies like AI, 5G and IoT assure that being at home does not conflict with a professional, comprehensive care and high standards in quality of life.

The i2CAT Foundation, together with ConnecThink and Group Saltó, present a testbed that demonstrates how healthcare providers, caretakers and patients can bring care into the home and rapidly respond to emergencies originated at the patient’s house. The testbed will be demonstrated at the TB6 booth inside the Testbed Area.

The demonstrator is an integration of AI, IoT and 5G to provide predictive and emergency healthcare. Caretakers can deliver the highest standards of care while patients enjoy independence and autonomy thanks to the sensorization of the home environment and a wearable to monitor the patient, real-time medical and environmental data monitoring and recommendations and notifications via a platform.

This testbed has been deployed with the cooperation of Huawei, that provides a router for indoor connectivity; Vodafone, that grants 5G coverage at the site, and Juniper Networks, that provides its SD-WAN solution to monitor communications remotely and guarantee connectivity and security for the IoT devices.

UWB and RFID to improve Smart Factory operations


i2CAT is actively participating in the European project Boost 4.0, which explores the benefits of Big Data for industries, and the center is also a partner of a variety of industry solutions providers for Smart Factories.

In this line, i2CAT comes to IoTSWC 2019 to present, in collaboration with Maccion, a Smart Factory demonstrator that integrates UWB, RFID, SMAC100 iBeacon and BLE beacons powered by LoraWAN and Sigfox + WIFI. IoTSWC visitors will have the opportunity to see a real-time test that showcases how advanced technologies can help factories in their stock inventory, geopositioning of goods and smart picking processes.

The demonstration will be located at the AI Demo Zone by the Government of Catalonia (Hall 2, Level 0, Street E, Booth 557).


The Blockchain revolution


In order to be at the forefront of innovation, i2CAT is exploring the possibilities of Blockchain and the center will be present at the Blockchain Solutions World space within IoTSWC from October 29th to the 31st (Booth D481).

At the booth, visitors will get in touch with this novel technology and with all the new horizons it opens both for industries and citizens. Visitors will also learn about some of the projects that i2CAT is working on, such as its Coldchain solution, a Bitcoin-based proof of concept regarding cold chain use cases that was originally presented last June at the logistics, transport, intralogistics and material handling congress SIL 2019. Coldchain is a battery-less, encrypted and 100% reliable tracking system that combines the potential of IoT with the highest levels of security offered by Blockchain to attain the standard of quality and transparency that both manufacturers and end users demand for their products.


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