6G technology for intelligent production systems based on 5G/6G private networks, time sensitive networks, artificial intelligence techniques and Cloud Continuum environments

The project

6GSMART takes advantage of the use of 6G technology to improve cyber-physical systems for smart production. These systems are based on 5G/6G private networks, time sensitive networks, artificial intelligence techniques and Cloud Continuum environments.

Principal Investigator

Dr. Daniel Camps Mur

6GSMART-ICC envisions the development of meta-operating systems (meta-OS) that will enable seamless interaction of service developers with the underlying computing infrastructure, which is heterogeneous in nature. In addition, the objective of this subproject is the development of mechanisms for orchestration and integration of public and private networks, as well as their validation and evaluation.

6GSMART-EZ is aimed at:

  1. Automating network configuration processes.
  2. Investigating how to improve the performance of a 5G/6G network in industrial environments that need to meet extreme KPIs.
  3. Maximizing the impact of the project through academic impact, community outreach, as well as contributing to the internationalization of the 6G ecosystem.

6GSMART-S plans to promote collaborative robotics and the application of digital twins in Industry 4.0 manufacturing systems. To this end, the subproject will focus on:

  1. Research applied to the study and development of collaborative and wireless robots thanks to the use of integrated 6G wireless communication technologies.
  2. Investigate how collaborative robotics can improve the performance of the entire robotic environment of a manufacturing system.
  3. Design and development of high-precision metrological services enabling the use of digital twin technologies in 6G networks.
  4. The development of new holographic services applied to collaborative work in remote manufacturing environments.

6GSMART-EXP aims to encourage the adoption of 6G technologies in the manufacturing environment. To this end, this subproject will work on the demonstration of three advanced manufacturing services through 6G networks. Validated services will include:

  1. Holoportation services for remote work
  2. Collaborative robotics
  3. Manufacturing of digital twins




Senior 6G Research Engineer - Software Networks

El equipo de Software Networks está buscando un ingeniero de investigación en 6G sénior con experiencia comprobada en temas como 5G, 6G, SDN/NFV, Cloud/Edge para unirse a nuestro equipo.