RIS (Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface) will revolutionise wireless communications

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i2CAT at MWC

The i2CAT Foundation is back at the Mobile World Congress to present the potential of its work in advanced digital technologies to help companies and organisations innovate and look into the future.

Implementing RIS in manufacturing facilities can create a secure wireless communication environment. RIS can improve signal strength, reduce interference and ensure reliable communication in critical areas. RIS enables the deployment of powerful 6G industrial private networks, supporting real-time monitoring and control applications in smart manufacturing. 

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Programme for the Universalization of Digital Infrastructures for Cohesion – 6G R&D

i2CAT has a very relevant role in the UNICO R&D 6G programme, promoted by the Spanish Government within its Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan. The centre is carrying out a total of 19 research projects, grouped into six coordinated projects, with a budget of more than 16 million euros between 2022 and 2024.

In collaboration with almost 30 entities from the private sector, these projects will make it possible to consolidate and strengthen a solid ecosystem for the design and deployment of 6G in Spain.

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Since its beginnings in 2003, the i2CAT Foundation has assumed a key position in the European ecosystem of research and innovation in the field of advanced digital technologies. In these two decades, the centre has participated in over a hundred European research projects and has attracted more than 36 million euros in competitive funding from the European Commission. Today, i2CAT is the third research organisation in Catalonia that has attracted the most funding in calls for proposals from the H2020 and Horizon Europe research and innovation programmes.

This active role in the European research ecosystem has recently been reinforced thanks to the participation of the Catalan centre in 10 R&D projects of the 6G Smart Networks and Services (SNS) Joint Undertaking (JU) programme. The 6G SNS JU is the European research and innovation initiative financed with Horizon Europe funds that aims to ensure European leadership in the global race to design the enabling technologies for the next generation of 6G mobile networks. i2CAT actively participates in the four main research lines -Streams- that define the 6G SNS JU, which guarantees it a leading role at European level in the design of the technologies that will make 6G a reality in the coming years.

Shaping the 6G Vision: i2CAT role in the European 6G research arena

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